Electrical Maintenance in Sydney and Vigilance

Electrical Maintenance in Sydney and Vigilance

Staying abreast of the goings-on in your home can be absolutely vital to heading off potential problems. Some issues, like leaking roofs or clogged eaves, are relatively obvious. But when your power system presents you with a problem, it can be less so. As Sydney’s favourite Sydney electricians, here are some of the indicators of trouble, tell-tale indicators that you’re in need of some electrical maintenance.

Circuit Breakers

Circuit breakers are intended to protect your electrical system from overloading, and will literally ‘break the circuit’, and kill the power to certain outlets, when this is occurring. However, they can also begin to break when they become antiquated. If one particular breaker is causing the bulk of your trips to the box to reset it, it could be a sign of fatigue and obsolescence.

Bear in mind, replacing a breaker with a higher rated one is not advisable – this could result in an overloaded set of wires, and potentially a fire hazard.

Electric Shocks from Outlets

If you are experiencing mild shocks from certain outlets, this will often indicate a ground fault. Apart from being unpleasant, this indicates a basic problem with the outlet, and one that needs to be fixed by a professional. Ensure, however, that these aren’t the result of static buildup, common after walking on carpets during the drier months.

Inconsistent Supply

If your lights are flickering, it can be the result of a poor or defective light bulb. If, however, its replacement acts the same, it is more than likely indicative of faulty wiring or a loose fitting with the outlet. A total lack of supply to the outlet indicates something similar. In either case, a licensed electrician should be engaged to ensure that your system is repaired safely and properly, with premium equipment.

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