Benefits of Three-Phase Power from Industrial Electricians

Posted October 28, 2020

Three-phase power is a staple of many industrial electrical projects and fit-outs. Most businesses with large machinery will require at least some elements with these electrical wiring services to transfer up to three times as much power. An industrial electrician is able to install and maintain three-phase connections. You may be wondering why a three-phase connection is better for an industrial setting using heavy machines. Here are some of the main reasons for Sydney electricians to install three-phase electricity.

For typical single-phase electrical connections, the ‘alternating current’ switches direction at a set frequency. Each time it swaps direction, the voltage supplied needs to pass through zero. This happens very quickly and does not bother household appliances with minimal current draw. An industrial electrician needs to work with machines that need constant supply and can be quite sensitive, so three-phase eliminates this issue by offsetting each phase by 120° (one-third of each alternation) so that these zero moments are countered by the other two non-zero phases.

In electrical systems ‘power’ refers to the rate at which energy is transferred over time. As three-phase systems have three live wires, the amount of transferred energy is also tripled. This in turn triples the power output from the circuit, which can make running highly demanding machinery much more economically viable. However, installing three-phase connections can be more dangerous for industrial electricians. The three live wires pose an added risk and require more skill from Sydney electricians.

When getting three-phase power or any other industrial electrician project, it is essential to get the best electrical wiring services available. Es4u are expert Sydney electricians who can safely and properly install three-phase power supplies for your business. 

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