What are the Reasons behind Electrical Fires?

What are the Reasons behind Electrical Fires?

Approximately every year there are about 51,000 residential fires each year. In order to protect your family, you need to understand the risks and causes of electrical fires. The electrical fires start due to excessive heat or a single spark. The top reasons for electrical fires are:

Outdated or Worn-Out Electrical Wiring

Houses built more than 20 years ago are most likely to have old wiring which is the leading cause of house fires. The old wiring system doesn’t have the capacity to meet the demands of modern technology and energy consumption, so you may notice frequent circuit breaker overloads, power outages, or other signs of bad wiring.

Faulty Electrical Outlets

Usually, most electrical fires start within outlets. If the outlet is not grounded the chances are high that it’s going to spark, form an electrical arc, or catch on fire. Even if the wiring behind grounded outlets loosens it can start a fire.

Electrical Circuit Overloads

A new recipe for disaster is plugging too many cords into a single power source. It is better to avoid using a single extension cord to power multiple appliances and electronics at once. Overloading the circuit will result in wearing out the system and could lead to a disaster due to fire. There you need professional electrical services, like -es4u

Old Appliances

Older appliances do not match with the modern standards when it comes to materials, construction, and safety regulations. Moreover, outdated appliances are more likely to have loose wiring or frayed cords.

Light Fixtures

Not all light bulbs are meant to work with every fixture. Installing a high-wattage bulb in an incompatible lamp is a top cause of electrical fires. Another reason for the fire is covering the lamp with a makeshift cloth lampshade.

Portable Heaters

Space heaters are reputedly known for causing house fires. Not only do these appliances heat up quickly but also can ignite flammable materials almost immediately. Placing a portable heater too close to curtains, bedding, or upholstery may result in a fire as well. In case the wiring in your office or house is outdated and you need a commercial electrician or a residential electrician then ES4U Electrical Services is the right place to call. We provide both industrial electrical solutions and commercial electrical solutions. We have a well-trained team of industrial electricians in Sydney to provide you with each type of electrical service.