What is the Difference Between Commercial and Industrial Electricians?

Posted March 19, 2021

What is the difference between a commercial electrician and an industrial electrician?

Commercial Electricians works for stores, offices, restaurants, etc., usually installing power outlets and lighting systems. Industrial electricians are basically commercial electricians who primarily work in factories, chemical plants and mines.

Responsibilities of a commercial electrician:

  • Commercial electrician contractors should have an overall knowledge of having a lighter workload.
  • Commercial wiring. This involves wiring that ends with properly protected electrical solutions. In other words, in unlikely residential wiring that runs in the rafter and behind the walls, commercial cables may run with some exposure to ceiling walls as well.

Which electrician field is best to choose?

While each works with electricity, the training for the various types of electricians will follow slightly different paths. If you look into the electrical trades for a career choice, make sure the school you choose prepares you for the specialization you want in the electrician field.

For both, industrial and commercial electricians, basic knowledge would remain the same as electrician professionals.

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